Our team

  • Louise Gallant



  • Pierre Girard


    Technical Director

  • Elizabeth Gallant

    Director of human resources

Our mission

Welcome to ADAPTECOMM, where our passion for inclusive communication and our desire to overcome obstacles have shaped our mission. We are driven by a deep history and a burning desire to create a world where communication is accessible to everyone, regardless of the challenges they may face. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that enable everyone to stay connected to the world around them, regardless of their circumstances.

Our journey was inspired by the quest to simplify and improve communication for those facing daily challenges. We noticed a glaring lack of suitable solutions in North America, and this is where we found our motivation to create ADAPTECOMM. Our goal is to make communication accessible to everyone, taking into account individual needs.

Technology is a powerful force, but it can also be a source of frustration for those whose physical or cognitive abilities are impaired. That's why we searched for and found solutions in Europe that have the potential to transform the way people communicate. By combining innovative technologies with a user-centric approach, we create tailored and user-friendly communication experiences.

Every person is unique, as are their communication needs. The name ADAPTECOMM reflects our commitment to providing “adapted communication” based on individual preferences and capabilities. Our mission is to elevate voices that might go unheard, creating opportunities to connect, express and engage with the world.

Joining ADAPTECOMM means participating in a movement aimed at inclusive communication, giving everyone the means to connect with ease and dignity. We invite you to explore our innovative solutions and join us on this adventure towards limitless communication.