ADAPTECOMM: Adapted Communication

ADAPTECOMM was born from the love and support I had for my old aunt Mado, aged 94, who unfortunately passed away in the summer of 2023.

Mado suffered from eye degeneration which, over the years, caused him to almost lose his sight. Despite this, she was a woman always connected to technology, and had been since the 80s. She had an Android tablet that allowed her to read books, especially since I managed to put them in LARGE PRINT.

Fortunately she had that, because she had to be placed in a CHSLD during the pandemic, given her inability to get up and walk. Unfortunately, his room did not have a telephone, because our old CHSLDs did not seem to be equipped with this technology. The hallway only had one device for the upstairs residents, an incredible but true reality.

We therefore installed an internet terminal in her room, which allowed her to stay connected and communicate with her loved ones. Thanks to this solution, she could contact her friends, even those who did not have access to this technology, using the phone via the web. However, she was forced to stay in her room due to the limited wifi there. Although she enjoyed getting outside, she found herself without a means of communication.

It was at that moment that I understood the need to improve his freedom of communication and simplify the use of his tablet, given his declining eyesight and cognitive abilities. In addition, she had to remain permanently connected to oxygen. I began researching to find the best solution, but nothing met this need in North America.

Finally, I found THE SOLUTION in Europe and installed it on a mobile tablet with a telephone network, so that it could stay permanently connected with the world and be autonomous in the easiest and simplest way possible , taking into account its reality.

By doing this, the wifi hotspot was no longer necessary and therefore no additional costs to make the transition, and even I was also saving money.

From that moment on, I understood that I had to bring this technology here to Canada and help people stay connected to the world while breaking out of their isolation. So I contacted the company that designed this software, accessible in more than 50 languages, and we established an exclusive business partnership to help everyone who has specific needs based on their aptitude and/or their ability to operate a mobile phone or tablet, according to their needs. Here is born COMMUNICATION ADAPTED TO YOURSELF.

ADAPTECOMM comes from three words: mobile adapted communication.

Louise Gallant